Our Story

Founded in 1999, Total Coaching Systems, is a US based Corporate Performance and Executive Coaching firm that connects with clients at points of growth and change.  We teach the integration of timeless practices for anyone who wants to live and lead from an elite level.

We provide:

  • Executive Assessment and Coaching
  • Strategy, Culture and Brand Design and Development
  • High Trust Team Development
  • High Stakes Sales Presentations or Investment Pitches
  • Speech Coaching and Media Training

Kendall Colman

Kendall Colman is Founder and CEO of Total Coaching Systems, the national provider of executive coaching, elite business presentation coaching, and media preparedness training. Over the last 19 years, C-level executives, public officials, best-selling authors, and business people from almost every industry have benefited from Total Coaching Systems’ personalized, dynamic, and rigorous speech and leadership training. Read Full Bio >>



Lexie Parker is the Executive Assistant to the team at Total Coaching Systems.  She is responsible for ensuring smooth operations and client relations as well as advising on various software programming and brand management.  Lexie is highly skilled in the visual arts; particularly photography and multimedia tools and techniques.   Read full bio


Megan Heffernan joined Total Coaching Systems in 2015.  With a broadcast degree from UW- Madison, Megan brings over 15+ years of professional and freelance experience from Public Television, News Radio and premium cable.  In addition, Megan is an award-winning professional actor/spokesperson and she is thrilled to be working with motivated professionals through Total Coaching Systems in a client relations and public speaking coaching capacity.  Read full bio

Coaching Team


As Chief Storytelling Officer for Total Coaching Systems, Chris Clark knows that telling a compelling story is more than crucial to a personal, professional and corporate evolution, it becomes a brand. Over his career, Chris has developed thousands of stories, whether investor presentations, employee town halls, keynote speeches or customer pitches.

A relentless curiosity contributes to this adventurous spirit that has been an elected public official, gallery owner, award winning horticulturist, Smithsonian Docent and award-winning photo-journalist. Read full bio


Dr. Georgia Durán is a leadership consultant and coach with Total Coaching Systems, and focuses on strategic planning, proactive communication and authentic engagement.  She coaches leaders from the private sector, non-profit organizations and the field of education.  Dr. Durán helps leaders increase support by more effectively sharing their stories to internal and external audiences.

Dr. Durán honed her skills while working as a senior executive in education and as a leader of non-profit volunteers.  She has been a creative thinker, writer and facilitator with governmental agencies and media outlets.  Dr. Durán has served as a tenured associate professor and graduate advisor at public and private colleges.

Dr. Durán is committed to enhancing leadership opportunities that are responsive to diverse community needs.  She is an active listener, excellent communicator and thoughtful strategic thinker whose style is engaging and collaborative.

Dr. Durán earned her doctorate from the University of Colorado, an M.A. from the University of California, and a B.A. from Colorado State University.


During the last seven years Meshell has produced large conferences around the country, delivering inspiration and direction to groups of 500-700 real estate and lending professionals each month. Through these life-altering, 3 day events they have uplifted the lives of over 40,000 entrepreneurs providing them with mindset, tools and strategies to create life balance and real bankable results in their businesses.  Read full bio


Deb Siverson, an executive coach with Total Coaching Systems, is passionate about our mission – helping organizations develop high-performing teams that make a positive impact on the bottom line. She is uniquely qualified to help your organization move success to a whole new level.  Read full bio


As a leadership expert, career consultant and business performance coach, Kristi brings a wealth of knowledge and practical application skills to organizations and leaders. In her career and consulting roles, Kristi has hands-on leadership and development experience in start-up organizations, Fortune 100 firms, non-profits, academics, union and government environments.

She brings a proven set of skills, backed by decades of research. By working with Kristi, leaders get a refreshing big picture approach to help achieve top performance and results.